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Chicagos North Shore Northbrook IL Christmas Lights Winter Magic

Winter Magic is a drive-thru Christmas lights event at Willow Hill Golf Course in Chicago’s North Shore. You’ll surely see the lights before you get here. Let the shine upon Willow Hill light the way.

How does it work? Our visitors purchase tickets (one per car-load) in advance here on our website. On your day of arrival, you’ll enter Willow Hill Golf Course just like usual. Drive up the hill and once you reach the top, see how we’ve transformed our course into a modern holiday light experience with both computerized lighting and also nods to traditional Christmas around every corner.

How long is it? The drive is one-mile-long and completely adorned with both classic Christmas and game-changing holiday light displays. It’s fun for the whole family!

A memorable holiday tradition your family will fall in love with.

What will you see at Willow Hill’s Winter Magic? While traversing the lights and experiencing the holiday cheer with your family, you will see many themed areas. Drive through a 250ft long animated light tunnel . See sections dedicated to the 12 Days of Christmas, a toy workshop, a breathtaking nativity. Gaze our enormous Christmas tree at the top of the hill – you can’t miss it. Our snowflakes and candyland areas are sure to impress that longing for the holiday. There will be lights lights everywhere including the ones adorning the 50 (yes, fifty!) real pine trees! Have you had enough? No! We’ll give you a lesson in taste when you see our beautiful lighted spheres. There’s lots more, but you before you go, you’ll party (Christmas-style) as you cruise through Pixel Town – a very modern light show synchronized to music.

A World of Winter Wonder Awaits You at Winter Magic!

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